Thursday, April 15, 2010

They say it's your Tax Day, well it's my Tax Day too yeah.

Well today is Tax Day and people are protesting for smaller government and less taxes. Interestingly enough there is a report in the news which shows almost half of Americans pay no federal taxes and some even receive refunds beyond what they had withheld, making today a payday. So my message to all protesters out there is "Job Well Done." "Mission Accomplished." "Stand Down, good soldier."

I wonder if some of the protesters are among the people not paying. They must be. How weird would that be? You're out there dressed up like John Adams holding your sign and all the time knowing that you received a unearned windfall compliments of Uncle Sam (whose likeness happens to be on your sign, but with Obama's face and a Hitler mustache.) I bet they really keep that quite.

And don't these people have jobs. Who has time to travel around the country protesting? Don't they have children? When you think about it the last person person in the world who would be able to go around protesting is an employed, middle-class worker with a spouse, two kids and a dog.

I could never imagine myself saying to my wife, "Sorry, honey, we can't go on vacation this year because I flying to Washington D.C. to protest irresponsible spending. By the way, have you seen my authentic John Adams suit I bought with the kids' college fund?"

Maybe they're mostly single.